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Elie Reiss

email: elie@skylightleasing.com
o: 212-786-4695
c: 212-729-3710

Founder of Skylight Leasing, liberator of dreary cubicles and defeater of bad office lighting, Elie is working toward a world where every office space sheds sunlight on each employee, where conference rooms and whiteboards are plentiful and where there’s always high-speed Internet and an extra desk for a growing team’s next hire.

With over a decade of office leasing experience, Elie has assisted hundreds of companies—from startups like Homepolish and NewsCred to Fortune 500’s like Comcast—find and secure prime office space in NYC. Having worked extensively with progressive tech and media companies, Elie is tuned in to the importance of creative and agile work environments, and his stocked rolodex of real estate connections allow access to the city’s ever-changing space availabilities. Between his savvy negotiating skills—that would make Henry Kissinger blush—to his eagle-eye attention to details, Elie takes much of the real estate burden off his clients’ shoulders.

Elie loves listening to other people’s stories. He was once a theater actor. And he spent the early 2000’s living in South America. These days, when he isn’t out scouring the best office spaces, he’s hanging out in Prospect Park on a sunny Saturday with his wife and two kids—or whipping up his special BBQ’d fajitas—special because it’s all he really knows how to cook.